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"Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Abuse" 
A federal 30-page booklet from 1970; nothing exceptional although a stern foreword from Richard Nixon has a certain amusement value, as does the mandatory "Glossary". No images.

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"Drug Abuse: The Chemical Copout"
Professional-looking and modern (for the time) 1970 government brochure telling drug users why they suck and parents what they should do. LSD use is said to be decreasing. A foreword by TV personality Art Linkletter, whose daughter Diane famously committed suicide, is of some interest. Art blames the "chemical tiger" LSD here, as he would in many places, even though evidence in this direction are non-existent. Unpaginated, maybe 20pp, some color illustrations.

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"Handbook of Drug Terms" issued by N Y state, a plain booklet with explanations of various street terms A - Z; interesting and seemingly up-to-date snapshot of the 1971 dope scene.



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Images from government "Drugs and Narcotics" book, circa 1969.

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Heroin and LSD pamphlets, California 1971. Cover scans only.

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"LSD - Some Answers & Questions". Government pamphlet, 1969. One of the most common brochures, reprinted in 1971. Both thumbnails are clickable for details.

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A selection of brochures in the same series

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"LSD Trip Or Trap", booklet, 1969. 
Exists both as a 4-page and 30-page presentation. There is also an educational movie with a soundtrack vinyl record, all bearing the name "Trip or Trap".

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"Drugs On The College Campus"

Book, 1967. Early item for the genre, cool cover but unexciting contents, aimed at college administrators with a dry bureaucratic tone. 

The LSD Chromosome Lie

Late 1960s poster exploiting the "chromosome damage" hoax. This phony story and its subsequent backlash (where scientists refuted the claim and demanded that the government would withdraw it, since the info wasn't true and scared a lot of people) paved the way for a more "sane" and "real" approach to anti-drug propaganda, as the kids' faith in whatever Big Brother was saying dropped to zero or close. Ah, it was a lot easier back in the 1950s...

Freddie Gage

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"Dope - Pusher's Drugs"
32-page booklet courtesy of infamous Texas "turned-on" preacher Freddie Gage, whose supposed rapport with hippie kids made him famous in the early 1970s. He lectured extensively on the evils of dope and the hippie lifestyle, mixing Bible Belt paranoia with street-wise anecdotes, and released a few LPs under his "Pulpit In The Shadows" network. Best of all, he looked like a wiseguy crook from a Scorsese movie and has a somewhat dubious reputation. The booklet is a mix of Gage's own raps, bogus "testimonies", and drug info copied (sometimes inaccurately) from government material such as this.

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Brian Ruud - "The Trip Beyond"

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Brian Ruud is a Canadian who popped up in Texas in the early 1970s and launched a broad religious anti-drug campaign, including an LP, a book, a magazine, and a pamphlet. The most remarkable thing about him may be his intense "Brady Bunch" fashion statement, including scarves, silk shirts and a huge blonde afro. If you Google his name you will find some strongly expressed sentiments concerning his person, half of which say that he's an arrogant crook, and the other half that he's an inspiring man of God. Being both these things at once usually present no problem within American religiosity, which explains why he's still around today, giving sermons and rounding up $$$. Check it out.

The scans above are from his "Scenes" magazine, below is his "Walkin' With The Man". Content-wise they're kind of skimpy except inspirational messages from Ruud and his wife, although a testimony from an ex-LSD dealer convert has its moments. 

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Check out this page for details on his somewhat entertaining 1971 LP.

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